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To view more of Tommy’s artwork, visit the galleries! 👉 Click Here

To view more of Tommy’s artwork, visit the galleries! 👉 Click Here

👉 Please Note: If you’re looking for a particular item to reference as subject matter for a commission, feel free to scroll from ‘image to image’ through ALL of the broad compilation of the artist’s work found on this site. Comments are welcome! 👉 CLICK HERE!

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Artist John Thomas McElheny, Jr.

Greetings from

Tommy Mac!

Painter, graphic artist, freelance writer, storyteller, poet, minstrel, outdoor explorer, and former English teacher.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

For pricing on commissions or currently featured work, please, contact the artist at the above email address, or message him on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe below for artist updates!

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11 thoughts on “Tommy Mac’s Place

  1. Tommy, I pray you will get a diagnosis so your docs can make you well. You are one of the brightest lights around, and we need for you to prevail and continue to inspire. Love you, Anne

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    1. The Docs have no idea what is causing the strange neuropathy that affects my spine and ribs. I am improving by reducing my meds of my own volition. Am. Medicine is incredibly stupid right now. Love

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  2. Hey Tom. I’ve had you on my mind and have looked for you on FB. Not sure what’s going on with your health but I hope and pray that you are better and well. Miss your witty humor! Take care!!!

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  3. Sending buckets of sand, drawers of ssssnakes, baggies of good shake and a Charley’s tin of Nance’s chex mix for your kind heart and enlightening soul good fellow. I miss you T – Yes you can do this… too many stories yet to be told. Love you young Man, Drum

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